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Our software finds data for each property & instantly runs hundreds of calculations saving you time and earning you more money.
Full Financial Analysis (ARV, Rent, Taxes)
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Filter, Sort, and Search by Financial Metrics
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Why Housefolios?

A better way to analyze and earn more.

Using our Housefolios RapidAnalysis, instantly analyze properties using your own financial metrics. Weed out bad properties and earn more from day one. Make faster offers and close more winning properties.
Analyze faster.
Add a single off-market property. Auto-import from the MLS or bulk upload. Every property in the U.S. can be rapidly analyzed.
Avoid costly mistakes. Drop the losers, pick the winners. Can you imagine earning 50% more profit per property?

Ditch your spreadsheets. Massively speed up your purchasing and rehab.

Housefolios replaces time consuming research and tedious data input with simple, powerful tools saving you time and earning you more money.

Gathers Data

Our Housefolios RapidAnalysis engine ingests data saving you time and providing ARV, Rent, Comps, Images, and more.

Buy & Hold or
Fix & Flip?

Our predictive analysis engine
shows you which strategy
maximizes your earnings.

Financing & Marketing Proformas

Save time with our Housefolios One-Click Proformas to secure financing and easily market your properties.

Let our software do the heavy lifting.

Housefolios will save you time by providing all of the necessary data at your fingertips.
Simplify Your Property Analysis

Analyzing properties used to take me hours. Now, I can find the best performing properties in a matter of seconds...makes me wanna cry. I LOVE THIS!!!!!

Agent, The Whitmire Group

I've spent my whole career inside spreadsheets building macros, writing formulas, copying & pasting, etc. Housefolios filters through all the properties in the MLS way faster than I could ever do it in my spreadsheets (and way prettier too!)

Adam Whitmire
Agent & Investor, Arabella Capital

“I used to hire analysts or use virtual assistants to help me find properties. Housefolios is cheaper & frankly makes a lot less mistakes.”

Rob Fuller
ROI Property Group

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